Monday, March 16, 2015


Recently Entrepreneur Damon Dash gave an interview with Power 105.1 the Breakfast Club that left many people talking. And while I didn't agree with everything he said he did make some valid points, one of those being that if you're not hustling for your children, then you're selfish. Harsh yes, but is he right? Now we all hustle in different ways and for different reasons, but when you're a parent the word hustle takes on a different meaning.

For a long time my life had no real focus. I was young and had many things I wanted to do, but none I took seriously. I was a t shirt designer, a song writer, a singer, a Jane of all trades you could say. A dreamer with a mountain of dreams and no focus and that was fine pre-motherhood, but nothing refocuses your life like having a child. The woman you were before you became a mom is gone and in her place a better, stronger woman will develop. Not right away, though, you will fumble, you will mourn for the loss of your free time, but then you will rise. You will look at this child you've created and wonder how you ever knew love without them and you will want better for them than you had. That is not a jab at your parents, because they gave you the best life that they could. In fact they are the ones that instilled in you the values that will make you work harder than you ever have in your life for your own children.

It's that love for them that acts as a motivator, which puts a battery in your back so to speak. So once my daughter was born I had a talk with myself and made a promise to start taking my life seriously, to live my dream and to help her to live hers as well. So I'll hustle, because you only get one life and you've got to make it count. Not just for yourself but for your children because they are your legacy.

Like Dame said "I hustle for my last name. I don't hustle for my first"


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