Tuesday, December 30, 2014


My toddler's Frozen themed vision board, lol.
It's that time of year again where we make resolutions to be better versions of ourselves.  Not me though, I'm a mom, we're perfect! (Yeah right, lol)

Whether you want to lose weight, take up archery or run a marathon, January 1st offers up a fresh start.
One of the things that I always do is prepare a vision board. It helps me set personal goals for the upcoming year using photo clippings and quotes that have meaning to where I want to be in life.  I think they’re important because knowing what we want is good, but actually seeing it in front of us can be a great motivator.

Why I think every mom, no every parent should have one is because when you have a child you're not just living for you, you're living for them. So what better way than to create a visual plan for your best life!

Don't know where to start? Here three easy tips for making for very own vision board:

Write it down

Make a list of your goals for the upcoming year.  It's an easy way to plan what you'll put on board.

Get to clippin'

Now this is the fun part. You can use magazines, newspapers, computer printouts, whatever you heart desires to visually create your board. Get your kids involved by asking them to contribute, it’ll be fun for them and maybe one day they’ll make their own.  Once you pasted your images/words hang it in a place where you can see it every day for inspiration.

Now get to work

My pre-baby vision board

Finally, a vision board without effort is just a grown up collage.  You've got to get out there and do the work. Focus on those dreams and do your best to make them reality.

Will you be making a vision board? Do you find them to be helpful?



  1. I love vision boards. We make one every year, and I revise it throughout the year. My friend had a party this past weekend, but I missed it because my daughter was sick. I think I may have one of my own.

    1. I was going to have one too, they always look really really fun!

  2. Everyone that I know who has created a vision board, has seen their goals and dreams come to fruition

  3. The frozen vision board is too cute! I'm actually going to the store now to get some materials to make my own. And of course I hoard tons of magazines so its gonna be a fun evening. I will make sure to cut before I start drinking. lol!

  4. I like vision board work. I do my vision boards electronically now so that I can have it with me all the time on my devices.

    1. That's so smart! I'm thinking of making mine my screensaver :)

  5. I need to make one as well. I will work towards my goals as long as I see it or write it down on daily basis.

    1. Writing down my goals is on my resolution list this year. See it and achieve it! :)



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