Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The joys of motherhood can sometimes leave me at a loss for words....thankfully I have memes! Memes are a combination of funny photos and quotes that perfectly describe life moments. Memes came into my life after a particularly colorful day with my toddler where I looked to sky and literally thanked The Lord that it was time for bed! For me memes have become the icing on the cake of my #momlife, and by the number of likes many of you guys agree with me.


Here are eight of my absolute favorite "MomMemes":
 1) Thank you Lord it's bedtime!!
     2) I woke up like this! #flawless

3) My face when I tell my kid to get down before they get hurt....
     4) We've got a babysitter!!!

5) I'm just resting my eyes!!!!
    6) What time is it? Naptime!

     7) Somebody's sleepy?
 8) This could be us......


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