Tuesday, April 15, 2014


There have been times when I've felt completely overwhelmed by motherhood.  Like pull my hair out burst into tears kind of overwhelmed. She won't eat, she won't sleep, and she’s got a cold....again. At these times I become a tears time bomb ready to explode at any moment. So you know what I do? I let the tears fall. I go into to my bathroom and I cry out my frustrations. I let it out and let it go, realizing that my emotions are out of love. Remember, you're doing a better job than you think. Matter of a fact you're awesome.  Here’s some other things I've learned along the way:

There will be mess, get over it.
Motherhood is messy.  Finding one or two smashed up Cheerios at the bottom of my purse is life.  Milk stains on my shirt before 8am? You better believe it, especially when I was nursing.  You never knew when those things would go off.  At home you may find that keeping things in order is harder than it ever was before.  It's okay; you do what you can and save what you can't till later.   This means that dust on top of the TV can wait till tomorrow.

I was a good mom, and then I had children.
Every mother has a picture in their mind of what motherhood is going to be like.  For me it was a child who ate and loved all types of organic foods.  She'd pass up those cookies for a handful of blueberries. I was so excited the first time I gave her a strawberries, and do you know what she did?  She took one bite and propelled it across the room.  Not quite what I had in mind. So I gave her a cookie and saved the strawberries for later because I realized it wouldn't kill her and I was still a good mom.

Even Superman had the Justice League.
You know that sewing, cooking, baking, cleaning, energetic mom? You know what she has that makes her look like she can do everything? She has help. A team of people who help her make it through the day. Who's on your team? I've got my husband, mom, sister, and a crew of aunties and cousins who keep me sane giving me breaks when even I don't know I need them. Even Superman needed Batman once in a while.

Cherish every moment because soon they will be teenagers.

You ever see a teenager in a baby carrier? When's the last time you rocked your teenager to sleep? That baby you're swaddling right now will be taking their road test before you can say "Sweet 16" There was a time when the only way my daughter slept through the night was in our bed, which meant I was wasn't sleeping at all.  I was crazy from exhaustion then one day like magic she slept all night in her crib, success right? Wrong, I miss her snuggled next to me!! My point is enjoy every moment, every tantrum, every mess, because life happens in a blink and soon they'll be teenagers. 
God help us all.



  1. Omg Caprece this brought me to tears! I'm going through this right now with Cadence. I'm constantly doubting myself and saying "Am I a good mom? Am I horrible at this?" and then also constantly trying to cherish these moments with her. She's already 2 and a half months old! I want to cry lol. Thank you for sharing these tips and letting us moms know that we're doing our best :)

    1. Everyday I'm like "I'm a horrible mom!!!" lol, we do our best with love and that's the most important :)

  2. Okay, so this isn't my first time at the rodeo. I have a 4 (almost 5) year old, a 17 month old, and one bun in the oven, and yet, this was valuable information. I'd never thought about a "team" before. Sure, I have a hand full of people who I can call, but I tend to never call on them. God-parents, Grandparents, good friends, the hubby (well, I call on him often), I have my own league, but I rarely tap into its power. I need them. The next time the laundry and dishes get out of hand, I'll probably call someone up to come and entertain or kidnap them for a little while. Thanks for the help.



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