Thursday, March 13, 2014


 1. I will make tacos for dinner whenever I feel compelled, whether it be Tuesday or not.
 2. If I don't put on lipstick before 9am then it's a wash, we'll try again tomorrow.
 3. My Friday work leggings will turn into my Saturday lounge leggings. Period.
 4. No matter what they say, cupcakes are not dinner.
 5. Unless you're a mom, then dinner is whatever I can eat in fifteen minutes while hiding in the kitchen.
 6. Injuries. As long as it's not broken you can walk it off.
 7. If I add a different vegetable it's no longer considered leftovers.
 8. Its baby weight till they're out of diapers. This. Includes. Pull Ups.
 9. I will always say my messy bun is intentional. Thank God for fashion.

 10. Finally, when in doubt give them apple sauce.


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