Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I firmly believe that pregnancy tests are meant to drive women crazy. 

Pee on a stick and wait, wait, wait.  Then you've got to be Columbo to decipher the codes, two lines yes, one line no, three lines what?  The day I found out I was pregnant I was on test number 15.  Anxious because I had been trying for a few months I feigned nonchalance as I took another test to see if we'd struck gold.  Leaving the bathroom (most women do this; I guess it's to give the test some privacy?) I contemplated what becoming a mom meant to my life.  You see I always wanted children, my husband and I had been married for four years, yet I was still apprehensive about becoming a mom.  I was responsible enough, but there were some habits I knew would need adjusting.  Like napping till 3 on Saturdays, or eating potato chips for dinner, you know just because. I was a grown up kid and I liked it, but I wanted to start my family.  So I tip toed back into the bathroom to check the test; there was one firm line and one faint line...What the hell does that mean?!!  Was I imagining the second line or was it really there?  My husband, who I consider my in house second opinion, read over the enormously confusing instructions and according to them, blurred lines or not I was pregnant.

Yayyyy!!!! Success, I was going to be a mommie...Now what?


Next time: Get in my belly:  Why eating for two is awesome.

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